Monthly Archives: May 2014

What Are The Chances That My Hard Drive Will Crash?

We analyzed the data from a five year study of computer hard drives conducted by Google and determined what the statistical chance is that a brand new hard drive will fail during the next five years.   When you buy a brand new computer that you plan to use for five years, the …

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Shortcuts for Microsoft Word


When computers were first in use, all functions were done by key strokes. There were few buttons to just click to do various tasks. As programming evolved, soon these tasks were a mere click away from being accomplished. Today, many people are finding that going back to key strokes is …

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Data Recovery Scams – High Tech Rip-Off Alert

  In this article we will expose one of the latest high-tech data recovery scams and offer advice on how to avoid it.  Taking a few simple precautions can help you to avoid a several thousand dollar mistake when shopping for data recovery services.   Prior to finding themselves with a …

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Computer Hardware Counterfeiters Making A Killing

What once appeared to be an internationally styled version of Amazon or eBay, companies like appear to be little more than a commercialized online scam; operating safely out of the reach of the United States Department of Justice.  While the company at first appears to be a legitimate way to …

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Then vs. Now


A pre-digital information system is the telephone which achieves all of Masuda’s key predictions for the information society.  The telephone fosters voluntary communities by connecting people to others that are outside of your economic group.  Telephones let people communicate to anyone and everyone that also has a telephone, this could …

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Technology Artifact Of The Day

This primitive communication device was once used by ancient cultures.

Tonight as we sat at the dinner table my five year old daughter looked at me, pointed to the wall mounted phone jack and uttered three words that were completely unexpected.  “What is that?”  A fine question indeed… Instead of explaining that the wall mounted oddity we’ve been staring at for years …

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