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Money Saving Idea Of The Day – Conserve Insight Energy Monitor from Belkin

This fun new toy for energy misers is called the Conserve Insight Energy Cost Monitor.  Enough looking around with suspicion at all of the appliances, computers, television sets and other electric gadgets in the house every time that you pay the electric bill.  Finally there is a simple and relatively inexpensive ($18.99 …

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Tutorials for New and Old Users


Senior citizens of today have had to adjust to many changes in technology. Every generation has had to, but I feel this senior generation has had gone through huge changes. Let’s take a look. In music, they have gone from vinyl record, to cassette tapes, to MP3 players, and now …

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Shortcuts for Microsoft Word


When computers were first in use, all functions were done by key strokes. There were few buttons to just click to do various tasks. As programming evolved, soon these tasks were a mere click away from being accomplished. Today, many people are finding that going back to key strokes is …

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Then vs. Now


A pre-digital information system is the telephone which achieves all of Masuda’s key predictions for the information society.  The telephone fosters voluntary communities by connecting people to others that are outside of your economic group.  Telephones let people communicate to anyone and everyone that also has a telephone, this could …

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