Money Saving Idea Of The Day – Conserve Insight Energy Monitor from Belkin

Plugging any item into this outlet will show you in an instant, exactly what it's costing you per year.

Plugging any item into this removable outlet will instantly show you exactly what it’s costing you per month and year on your electric bill.

This fun new toy for energy misers is called the Conserve Insight Energy Cost Monitor.  Enough looking around with suspicion at all of the appliances, computers, television sets and other electric gadgets in the house every time that you pay the electric bill.  Finally there is a simple and relatively inexpensive ($18.99 on Amazon) way to figure out exactly which items in your home are the culprits for that unusually high electric bill.  

The general idea is to go around your house room by room plugging all of your electrical devices into this monitor to see exactly which items in your home are using the most electricity and then figuring out if they’re worth that much to you.  Unplugging only one really inefficient item should more than pay for the device.  The cost savings don’t end there either.  In mere seconds you will now be able to tell your wife’s uncle Bob exactly how much he owes you for plugging in that cell phone charger.

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