Computer Hardware Counterfeiters Making A Killing

What once appeared to be an internationally styled version of Amazon or eBay, companies like appear to be little more than a commercialized online scam; operating safely out of the reach of the United States Department of Justice.  While the company at first appears to be a legitimate way to …

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Then vs. Now


A pre-digital information system is the telephone which achieves all of Masuda’s key predictions for the information society.  The telephone fosters voluntary communities by connecting people to others that are outside of your economic group.  Telephones let people communicate to anyone and everyone that also has a telephone, this could …

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Technology Artifact Of The Day

This primitive communication device was once used by ancient cultures.

Tonight as we sat at the dinner table my five year old daughter looked at me, pointed to the wall mounted phone jack and uttered three words that were completely unexpected.  “What is that?”  A fine question indeed… Instead of explaining that the wall mounted oddity we’ve been staring at for years …

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Computer Viruses, Malware And Trojan Horses: What’s The Difference?


As frustrating as it can be having a computer ‘virus’ infect your machine, when shopping for a computer service center to repair your computer it helps to know what you are actually dealing with.  While many of us are in the habit of calling any nasty infection a virus, the …

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