Tutorials for New and Old Users

screenshotSenior citizens of today have had to adjust to many changes in technology. Every generation has had to, but I feel this senior generation has had gone through huge changes. Let’s take a look.

In music, they have gone from vinyl record, to cassette tapes, to MP3 players, and now to smart phones. In movies they have gone from only seeing movies in a theater to VCRs, to DVDs, and now there is Netflix and Hulu. There were barely any computers in their youth, and the growth in computers has been astounding. Now you can have a computer at your fingertips almost anywhere. Phones have progressed from wall mounted hard wired home phones, to the first clumsy large car phones, to useful cell phones and now to smart phones. Pictures used to be taken by cameras with real film that had to be developed. It is difficult to even find a place to develop film these days. And actually, cameras aren’t used by today’s youth, they all take pictures on their own devices.

Today’s generation hardly knows what records, tapes, floppy disks, typewriters, camera film and VCRs are. The objects from our senior generation could fill a museum these days. So many things they grew up with are totally obsolete.

These seniors are trying their best to keep up though. Most have learned how to use a computer even if it is only for the few things they need. Some have even ventured into doing their banking online; however, many are still afraid to do that. Several seniors have smart phones now, even if they don’t know the capabilities of the phone. Not all have moved on to MP3 players and iPods, many still rely on the radio, but often you see mature adults with their earphones plugged in.

Some technologies like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram may be beyond them and their skills, but some may be forced into it in order to be connected with their grandchildren. Skype and video chatting is one technology that many seniors have had to learn how to do just so they can see and talk to their family members that are young or live far away.

There are many new and interesting things that today’s senior citizen can learn about technology. What they need is a kind grandchild or young adult to slowly and carefully teach them these new things, plus a good IT company to keep their technology in good working order. They have done a wonderful job of adjusting to all the new things thrown into their lives and they deserve a good pat on the back.

There are still many struggles for the senior citizens of today. For these struggles with technologies, I have found some great tutorials.

This is a link for a tutorial for Skype. It is easy to use because there are screenshots of what to click on in order to create an account for Skype. https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA11098/getting-started-with-skype-windows-desktop

I also found an amazing tutorial for Facebook. This tutorial uses mostly pictures to show the steps for making a Facebook account. http://websitetutorial.org/tutorials/html/facebook/fb-1-create.html

Another website that a lot of the younger generation uses is Twitter. This tutorial is a YouTube video. The video explains exactly how to create an account and how to use Twitter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QihQbOdno1I

Finally, a newer Social Media site is Instagram. Instagram is mostly used from smart phones and other devices that have internet access. This tutorial has more words to explain what to do along with helpful pictures of what your smart phone screen will look like while you create a new account. http://www.thesitsgirls.com/social-media/how-do-i-use-instagram/

These tutorials are great for older generations along with new users. Soon you will be great at Skyping, posting on Facebook, Tweeting, and sharing your photos on Instagram.

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